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More Woodland Friends

Meet Rufus the fox and the excitable owl. 
A few weeks back I completed this embroidery featuring Boris the bear and his chicken as an inspiration piece for the Hoop up – Stitch & Send swap. I really loved making it and went on quite a bit about how much I was enjoying embroidery.
My lovely assistant, Sarah, had a very special birthday last week and as she had been particularly keen on Boris this seemed the perfect excuse to have another go at a woodland themed embroidery. 
Sarah has a bit of a phobia about birds, so no chickens this time, but she doesn’t mind owls, so there’s one sitting in a tree behind Rufus. Actually I think he is jumping up and down on the branch, trying to get Rufus’s attention and shaking all the leaves off the tree in his excitement! Hopefully he won’t displace one of those big pink fruits – they look like they would give Rufus a nasty bang on the head if they hit him! 

Here is Sarah earlier today looking very happy with her pressie. Sarah has been working for me for 8 years now and she is worth her weight in gold. I really could not run our store without her, she is amazing!! And talking of our store – look at all that wool! Over the last few months I have been filling the shop with wool, fabric, ribbons and buttons, but haven’t had much time to share this with you! I promise to show you more very soon.

 Sarah thought the colours of the embroidery looked lovely against this basket of wool.

One last look at the pretty stitches.
I am so pleased that I have managed to create these designs myself. it is a long time since I’ve done anything really ‘arty’, and I am very happy that I can still do it. Now there will be no stopping me – look out for a whole series of these!


  1. The embroidery is so sweet, and looks like it was very well received. I should try doing more embroidery. I know I like it, I just seem to have too many other things on the go to indulge myself by adding more.

  2. Hi! Love this, the stitching is fab. Embroidery is fast becoming my fave craft and you must be so proud of this lovely design. Just found your blog and I'm enjoying looking through the archives.

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