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A hearty Goodbye to 2011…

… and Hello to 2012! I am just hoping it will be an improvement on 2011 which was a pretty pants year as far as I was concerned, but it did have lots of good points too.
And look at all the quilts I managed to actually finish! I am very impressed with myself. Of course most of them are tiny doll quilts, and some of them involved glue, but there are 12!

I do like making mosaics, so I made one of non-quilting stuff too – bags, cushions, an owl (of course), and a surprising amount of dollies! I think that crocheted ‘Roses and Daises’ blanket is my favourite project out of everything I made this year.

Just room for one more mosaic, this time looking forward. This is an Inspiration Mosaic for the first Flickr activity I have signed up for in 2012. I just sneaked in as they were shouting ‘Last Call’ on the ORBC ‘Around the Bend and Across the Pond’ Round Robin. This is an offshoot of the main Old Red Barn Co Quilt Along group, where 4 different groups are taking part in different versions of a Round Robin. I am in the ’round’ group where we each make a middle and send it to the next person who makes the next row and then sends it on. At the end we each get sent a completed quilt top, AND it will be a surprise (somehow). There are ‘row’ groups and ‘free form’ groups. I am super excited about this and so was the first to get my mosaic made.
It’s great to have happy stuff planned already for the New Year. What about you lot out there? What’s your next project/swap/bee?
I hope you all have happy stuff to look forward to as well and A Happy New Year to you all!


  1. A feast of beautiful quilts ,it would be hard to choose a favourite,so much work im sure has gone into them ,ive lots and too many plans for next year,many projects to finish,many to start ,lots of ideas and plans,hope the next year will be better for you too ,much love francine xx

  2. I'm giggling just a little bit at the quilt with glue in it, since I employed a little rather than pinning a small bit of fabric on a pincushion recently, glad I'm not the only one :oD Love all the makes though, and I hope 2012 is fabulous for you!

  3. Great work Jo – all the best to you and your family for 2012.
    That new group you are working in sounds very interesting, I look forward to seeing what you create and receive. PS the washable PVA glue for basting works and it's something I'm using more often ;o)
    Best wishes Ethne

  4. Happy New Year Jo! I'm loving those mosaics. I'll see you in the ORB group in 2012 – I'm in one of the free form groups. I'm pretty excited about it too 🙂

  5. Your hoop in mosaic 2 looks really lovely! Along with everything else of course – you are going to have a great 2012 with all of that inspiration! Enjoy!

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