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Meet Sally!

I’m busy thinking up new classes to teach next year, and one of the subjects I’d like to tackle is a simple rag doll. I did make up Annalise earlier in the year from scratch, and lovely though she is, I felt I could improve and simplify her.
So I am pleased to introduce Sally! She is a bit of a prototype but still nice enough to show. I am pleased with the way her hair turned out and her little face (always the hardest bit). But she does need a few improvements before the class.
Here she is standing up, not easy to do when one leg is shorter than the other! There is something not quite right about her proportions, either her arms are too long or her legs are too short. The dress needs a bit of work too (you should see the back!). And I think I should get hold of some flesh coloured felt as she is a bit too pale (even though she is Scottish and it is nearly winter). But the important thing is I have a photo now and a demonstration model so I can get on and market the class, which won’t be till March so I have plenty of time to work on a sister or too. Gosh, I feel a bit like Frankenstein!

The next class I want to tackle is a bag making workshop. I based this simple tote on one in the Last Minute Patchwork and Quilting Gifts book. I love the autumn leaves fabric but hadn’t found a use for it till now. It was too nice a piece to cut up for a quilt. I got it from John Lewis ages ago, and I am sure one of you clever lot will know who makes it!

The retro flowers print is from My Fabric House, a real treasure trove of interesting fabric and haberdashery. It’s lined with Moda Bella Solids in Betty Red.

I hope to get 2 bags made during a full day workshop, the tote to warm up and then this shopper with a gusset and stronger handles. I have a nice big piece of Jane Churchill’s Indian Summer left over from when we sold furnishing fabrics in the shop.

The is one of my all time favourite furnishing fabrics – wouldn’t this be amazing as a craft fabric?
Next up is a new hexie ball to show off the EPP class in February, and I have plans for an embellishment class where we will use embroidery, applique and Indian shisha mirrors to decorate a hoop.
After that I should be free to pursue some fun projects like my House Block Quilt – that wonderful block from Juliana arrived safely from Poland this week, by the way!

Oh and one more thing, I have taken the plunge and joined twitter. I am just about getting the hang of it and even jumping in to a few bloggy friends conversations! If anybody wants to find me over there, just follow this link.


  1. Sally is gorgeous but if she is going to have corrective surgery then I would say shorten the arms slightly and lengthen the legs. Now, if someone could just lengthen my legs that easily!

  2. Sally is great – she should be fun to make (think its the arms that need to be a bit shorter tho!). Glad you found that red and pink lollipop fabric in the end – did you get it in John Lewis (I need to get some more, its such a useful one)? Juliex

  3. I agree with those who've said Sally's arms need to be shortened.
    Love the bags, especially the shopper. It looks strong and useful but the fabric is a bit different.
    I'll be interested to hear how you get on with twitter. I've resisted getting involved with it so far but have been tempted recently.
    Teresa x

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