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Trip around the pumpkins

Here’s a Trip Around The World cot quilt I just finished to sell in the shop. I used this tutorial from Quiltville and it was very quick and easy. Melanie of Texas Freckles is doing this design for one of the other ‘Do Good Stitches’ circles this month and recommended this tute. I like checking out what all the other circles are doing – great inspiration!
The solids are all Moda Bella shades that I have for sale in the shop and some of the prints are from the Cabbages and Roses and Hometown FQ packs that I bought for the shop a few months back (they have nearly all sold now, well they’ve disappeared somehow *ahem*).
This is obviously aimed at a little girl, though hopefully not too pink. I have also started one in reds and blues for a boy.

I’m not sure how well the design works on a rectangle but it’s still a nice overall patchwork effect.
It’s pretty simple and I just machine quilted in lines. Even so it’s still quite a bit of work and I will have to make to more expensive than the tickertape cot quilts I have made recently. So we will need to see if I can get enough for these to make it worth my while!

And what about the pumpkins?
Well when I was taking photos of the quilt outside this afternoon I couldn’t help admiring the lovely pumpkins grown by my DH, here at Shangri La Farm, and artfully displayed by him on our front steps!
Happy Halloween everyone!

I am linking up to Pieceful Life’s Little Quilt Monday!


  1. That is a beautiful wee quilt!! Not too pink at all. And check out those wee ickle punkins! No bumpat from me, I'm afraid, but you can have a hug since it's SO LONG since I've seen you. You and your busy, successful businesswoman ways. *grins*

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