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Hexalong Liberty Star Quilt

In a last ditch attempt to get my blog to work, I am trying to blog from Flickr. If this shows up in the Dashboard then I am back in business!


Well it looked like that did eventually work – in that it turned up in the dashboard about 2 hours after I posted it – but at least it is there and I am getting some visitors!

Hello you lot! My blog has not been updating in the dashboard for weeks (despite the posts publishing) and it has been like being sent to Coventry!
I am tentatively editing this now in the hope that it stays on your blogroll / dashboard.

So I finally started my proper, full sized hexalong quilt. I wrote about my plan for this back here. And then I started a tiny version for the last round of DQS (which apparently still hasn’t arrived with my partner!) and did a tutorial here. Meanwhile Lynne started her hexalong and everyone was making really cool hexagons! I have been desperate to get started but all my craft class shenanigans kept getting in the way.

But now I have started and, as per my original plan, I am making this exclusively from my, rather large, collection of Liberty tana lawns (which, before you get too angry with me, I have been collecting for over the last 20 years!). And I am back to tacking round the papers after trying out the glue stick method on my scaled down version. I actually like the whole tacking and hand sewing bit, and I am in no hurry to finish this. I love a nice long project in the same way as I love a good long book.

And while I have got you here (and I don’t know how long this will last as blogger is being SO cruel to me!!) I will just show you another star project. Do you remember when I made these tickertape cot quilts with stars and hearts as part of Deeroo’s Old Red Barn Quilt-a-long?
Well I had a commission to make one for a customer.

She wanted greens and creams for her new baby due this month.

I would really love it if you would all scroll down the page to the last post (which everybody has missed because of my blog problems) and read all about the wonderful ‘Do good Stitches’ charity bee!

And if it looks like I am being really quiet then please check out the blog as I am probably posting like crazy but nobody knows!!


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