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Vintage linen notebook covers

I have been busy making new projects for my Craft Workshops. Here is the latest, notebook covers made with pieces of vintage embroidered linen.
About a year ago I bought a big haul of these from a church who had been left them in a church member’s will. I wrote about it in this post.

I love the idea of using up these pieces on new projects. This piece above had a small stain on it but I have embroidered over this with ‘my notes’, thus using up something which otherwise seemed useless. I made this cover with a lovely piece of vintage fabric I bought in an antique shop in Tetbury a couple of years ago.

The next, slightly improved version, includes new fabric from the stash Dolores sent me (that stunning Kaffe) and the green and blue leaf fabric from My Fabric House.

I used this excellent tutorial from My Patchwork Blog. Though I didn’t bother with the top stitching as I didn’t think mine needed it as they fit quite snuggly.

These were easy, quick and inexpensive to make. They would look just as good with more scrappy fabric instead of the embroidered linen.  Hopefully I will get a enough bookings to teach this class in October (Saturday 29th if any local peeps would like to come along!).  I can also see a lot of friends and family getting these for Christmas this year!


  1. They look great Jo! Did you make them for notebooks that you can replace so you could reuse the covers or is this ment to stay on one journal? Yes…you should make these to sell..what a special one of a kind gift it would be!

  2. What a clever use of the linens. I have a bunch of those in the bottom of a blanket box but some were made by my grandmother and great grandmother so I am loath to cut them. I wish I knew which were by them and which just random ones picked up at boot sales because I can't remember any more!

  3. What a fabulous idea for using vintage linens, I bought a few awhile back and just loved the colors of the embroidery, I think I might use your idea, thank you 🙂 Love your blog.

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