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A quilt finish and a bunny for Bexy Boo!

I made this log cabin cot quilt for my Beginners Patchwork and Quilting evening class that starts in September (only one place left!).

I just realised I have no idea of the size (and it’s at work in the craft studio so I can’t measure it), but it is maybe a bit big for a cot quilt – more a lap quilt size.
I wanted it to show a whole range of Log Cabin styles for the design part of the class. I was also very inspired by this gorgeous quilt.

I quilted it with simple lines on the machine. It is made with all sort of odds and ends, but I did need to buy a bit more to bulk out my red and blue stash (!). I even found some Sherbert Pips in my local fabric shop! My first purchase of this much discussed line (I am so out of the loop!).

This quilt is probably going to spend all it’s time hanging in the studio, inspiring people and helping me teach patchwork. In fact I will be using it tomorrow for my FIRST CLASS!! Yes I am finally going to actually use the studio by taking a class called ‘Log Cabin Patchwork Cushion’. The idea is to make a  quilted cushion by the end of the day, and in the process gain enough knowledge to actually start a quilt. Wish me luck!

My Lady Friday, Sarah, has been on maternity leave for nearly a year. She comes back to work at the beginning of September (Hurrah! I can barely see my office under all the mess, can’t wait for you to come back and help me tidy, Sarah!). Her new baby Rebecca (or Bexy Boo as Sarah likes to call her) had a naming day party a few weeks back, and as I had made her big brother, Henry, the original Oggle Owl for his naming day, I asked Sarah which animal in particular Bexy Boo was keen on.

You can guess what the answer was, right? A bunny!! So I found this pattern in Nikki Trench’s fabulous Super Super Cute Crochet book and off I went with a couple of balls of my new Rooster wool stock.

Do you like his pink tummy and paws? 
He liked it out in the grass. So much so that he tried to escape!

But don’t worry, I caught him again and now he is safely in the arms of little Rebecca!


  1. I really like that log cabin quilt. I just got the book Modern Log Cabin quilts and before I read it, I didn't know there were different kind of blocks. I recognize the picture frame block in your quilt. What a great idea to showcase all of the types in one quilt. Lovely!

  2. I just noticed your profile and I knew you lived in the UK, but I didn't know it was Edinburgh. I am a huge fan of Alexander McCall Smith's novels and have read all of them…I love his 44 Scotland Street, Corduroy Mansions, and Isabel Dalhousie novels. My husband preorders them on Amazon UK so I get them earlier than they are available in the US. Have you ever read them? Or do real Edinburghians (is that a word) just laugh at them?

  3. Great log cabin sampler. 😀
    And OOoooOOOOooohhh! I just love that bunny! I'm just at the beginning of the learning curve on following crochet patterns. I may have to look for that one.

  4. Love, love, love that quilt…and bunny butt!!:)

    Will be thinking about you tomorrow…when I wake up and it's 5 hours later for you!:) You will be smashing dahling!:)

  5. Beautiful quilt Jo – it will be a perfect inspiration for your students. I am now back in teaching mode and covet your personal studio space – I would love to display some work but use a community space.
    So happy your classes are full! Yippee.

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