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Wedding Blanket

I can’t believe that I have been making this crochet blanket for the last 2 months and yet I haven’t shared it with you at all! Just too much else going on at the moment.
I have been making this as a wedding present for my neice Sarah and her new husband Rob. You may remember that I was at Sarah’s Hen Do (bachelorette party) a few weeks back when I took that trip to Liberty.

Well her wedding was on Saturday and we all had the most fabulous time! Perfect weather and a perfect setting in rural Derbyshire (not very far from Lynne Lily’s Quilts). I was still finishing the blanket on the way down in the car (a familiar story for me!).

The ‘Roses and Daisies’ blanket is from a book called ‘Crocheted throws and wraps’ by Melody Griffiths. I actually made this cushion from the same pattern a year or so ago.
For that cushion I was very restrained and only used 2 different colourways. But for this one I really let rip and used as many colours as I could find!

Here are some of the little crocheted roses and daises before they got their white framing. I had great fun photographing these in our ‘meadow’!

I tended to do lots of coloured flowers in front of the TV in the evening with my big basket of wool beside me. And then if I needed to go somewhere (like the train ride to London for the Hen Do) I could take a big bag of flowers and a couple of balls of white wall and crochet the flowers in to squares…

… and then the squares together.

There are 122 squares all together and the whole thing is finished with a crab stitch edging, which is a particularly fiddly, backward double crochet stitch, but does make a very pretty edging.
These photos of the finished blanket were taken in the lovely gardens of the B&B we were staying at for the wedding, we don’t have lawn like that at Shangri La!
Sarah and Rob have an old caravan that they call their ‘caravan of love’ (in fact that was one of the songs at their wedding ceremony!) and the blanket is intended to be used in there. A few years back I made this patchwork cushion for their caravan, and I think these 2 pieces together will look so scrummy!


  1. I just came across this in a google image search. I loved the pillow, but this is stunning! I really like the book, but had no idea that it could be so beautiful. What a treasure of a gift. 🙂

  2. Well done, what a lovely wedding gift !
    I'm on square 6. I think I can make the daisy in 30 minutes but the rose is taking a bit longer. But what takes the longest time of all is choosing the next colour combination because she directs us never to use the same combination more than once. I don't have any orange and all my greens are more 'forest' than 'lime', but I have to finish it!

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