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Crochet catch-up

I’ve been very busy in the sewing room over the last few weeks. Apart from all the scrappy-ness I showed you a few weeks back, I have also managed to make 8 cushion covers and 8 leaf needlecases for the shop. But in between all the sewing I have managed to get some crochet done too.

Look how much my African Flowers blanket has grown! Isn’t it just gorgeous? I am so in love with it. I work on it as a reward to myself for all the other craft stuff I do. Crocheting these little african flowers is just a treat for me! I reckon I am about two thirds of the way there now.

The other crochet feat I have managed to pull off is to make this pair or gloves! I was ridiculosly pleased with myself for making these. The pattern came from another Melody Griffiths book ‘Crochet in no time’, and I loved the fact that they were granny squares with fingers! These aren’t perfect, as I struggled a bit with the pattern to start with (patterns are hard!).

Also I ran out of wool half way through the right hand glove and couldn’t get the exact same colour again in my local wool shop, so the fingers and thumbs are a slightly lighter colour. But that just makes it easy for me to tell left from right! The wool I used is called ‘Sublime’ and it is a mix of silk, cashmere and merino (I think!). They are very soft and snuggly, and I have been wearing them everyday!

I loved making them so much that I started on another pair! This time fingerless. I get such a cold ‘mouse hand’ when I am working on the computer at work, so fingerless gloves are just the ticket. I think I like these even more than the first pair as I have mastered the pattern now and could alter it slightly to fit. One of the great things about crocheting gloves is that you can make them to fit your own hands like a … well, like a glove!

I am thinking that crocheted gloves would make great Christmas presents! Also the book has a pattern for a granny square hat and a jumper! The jumper needs at least 15 balls of wool though so I will have to save up my craft supply chitties before I can buy enough nice wool.

One last crochet related photo – more owls!! I sold 3 of the last batch of 5 the day after I put them in the window so I have made some more (I think I may put the price up!). I bought some new wool for these, the ones at the back are in a Sirdar ‘crofter’ wool and the front ones are a microfibre from Rico. I love using variegated wools for my owls.
These are wingless, as yet (and therefore easier to control) but they still look cute. Wings will get made and attached tonight!


  1. Your blanket is just stunning – I love it to bits! I have trouble following patterns too sometimes – I blame it on the writers – they need to make patterns easy for me to read lol!!!

  2. Your blanket is fantastic Jo, I had another go at African flowers this week and still can't do them ! Do you use the pattern on the African flower flicr page ?….

  3. Gosh you have been busy yet again! Your blanket is looking absolutely gorgeous. I've never seen crochet gloves before, aren't they pretty. Can relate to the cold mouse hand too and have knitted fingerless gloves that I wear when working on the computer at night in winter. My fingerless gloves also have mitten flaps which are very handy.

  4. Gorgeous blanket, mine is still in the infant stages. I love the Sublime wool, I made a couple of summer shawls with it and now pick it up whenever it's on sale, just because I love it! Along with Rowan Handknit Cotton, it's my favourite yarn.

  5. Love the blanket – it has grown so much. The gloves are brilliant, you are getting very good at crochet now. I am doing a scarf for Daniel. I bought some lovely wool that will be perfect when I was in Nottingham yesterday, shopping at John Lewis x

  6. Your blanket is just beautiful! I love African flowers. Also like your gloves very much – was looking through that book a few days ago (I think but it may be a different one) it had a gorgeous paisley throw in it that I love. The great thing about blankets is that they give you hours of pleasure making them and thousands of hours pleasure afterwards – they are great. I love them as they can be so unique and personal and you don't have to stick to colours that flatter you – just those you love!

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