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Bench cushions and a batch of owls

I have been spending the last week making some things for the shop. I had a commission for some cushions which I really had to get on with and my Bearpaw display is looking a bit depleted, so I have decided to concentrate my efforts on making things to sell rather than to swap!
I started with some more owls. They sell well and are something I can crochet while watching TV or in quiet moments at the shop.

Here are the 4 I finished last night. However when I compared them to the last of the previous batch I realised they had all got much bigger!

Especially this pink fatty!
Of course I really should write the pattern down instead of making it up each time I make some. A few too many stitches and a bit of overstuffing is the cause, I think!
So I made the tiny orange one in the middle of the top photo to balance things up a bit.

Here they all are (with the remaining 3 from previous batches) ready to go in the window. Can you read what it says on their sign? I find a bit of emotional blackmail works a treat!
Now onto the cushions. One of my best customers, who has already filled her house with Jonathan Avery furniture and accessories, asked me to make some patchwork box cushions like the ones I first made here. She wanted them made to a bigger size to fit on a garden bench, along with some throw cushions to match. 
Oh, and her name is Jenny Brown and she is a super sweet lady!
 I got the feather pads made at the wonderful Feather Company. They are such good quality. 
As with the bench cushions I made for ‘Curtain Clare’, I have tried to make them with sturdy upholstery grade fabrics and saved the delicate vintage stuff for the throw cushions.

 I have tried to use a few garden themed prints though, with flowers leaves and birds.

 I dipped in to my huge antique embroidered linen collection for the 2 throw cushions and managed to get even more birds and flowers in!
 I particularly liked this one with the Jane Churchill ‘Indian Summer’ remnant of birds gathered beneath a tree (towards the top left corner, below).

Jenny wanted 4 throw cushions, but I didn’t have time to make 4 new ones so I am using 2 left from the batch I made a few months ago. Now I need to make more cushions for the shop!

 This photo is my attempt to recreate how the cushions will look on the garden bench they were made for, except this is the floor of the shop and they are leaning against the wrapping paper stand! Hopefully you will get the idea despite the busyness (did I just invent that word?).

I have an extra day off this week and plan to get stuck in to making more cushions, needlecases and pin cushions, so ‘Bearpaw’ will be fully stocked for Christmas!


  1. I'd love to give the pink and the orange owls – fatty and skinny a home. Now all you need to do is teach them to fly to New Zealand. Send them south xxx

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